Self-Care Blog Update

News — a publisher is officially interested in the Self-Care for Social Justice book manuscript. YAY! This means an adjustment, turning more of my writing time/energy towards getting the manuscript ready. So, for the next 6-8 months this blog format will be shifting a bit. 

What is Self-Care? This question will be the prompt for several short posts. I’ll be posting twice a month, a short piece answering this question. Each piece will also include several reflection questions, for you the reader. I’d love to invite you to share your answers and thoughts in the comments. Self-care is a conversation we need to share together!

There will also be occasional posts on articles about self-care or on articles about social justice issues. Everything will still connect to the ever-deepening, ever-expanding idea of self-care. 

Check back here next week for the first piece: “Self-Care Is….Letting Go”

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