Crip wisdom, Gender and Self-Care for Social Justice

Crip wisdom, Gender and Self-Care for Social Justice
Gender Stories Podcast, hosted by Alex Iantaffi
Nov. 4, 2018
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“In this episode, the amazing Naomi Ortiz discusses her contribution to the new anthology “Resistance and Hope: Essays by Disabled People,” edited by Alice Wong.

Illustration by artist Micah Bazant featuring a midnight blue sky with little white stars. Below is a log with mushrooms growing out of it in multiple shapes and colors. Text reads: ‘Resistance & Hope, Essays by Disabled People, Crip Wisdom for the People, Edited by Alice Wong, Disability Visibility Project.’ The o in ‘Hope’ looks like a full moon.
Illustration by artist Micah Bazant

This anthology includes 16 essays by 17 disabled writers, activists, & artists. As Alice twitted “This is crip wisdom for the people!” Naomi’s chapter is titled, Self-Care When Things Shatter.

Naomi Ortiz is a facilitator, writer, poet, and visual artist who cracks apart common beliefs and spills out beauty. Naomi is a nationally known writer, speaker and trainer on self-care, disability justice, and living in multiple worlds (intersectionality). She is a Disabled, Mestiza (Latina/Indigenous/White), raised in Latinx culture, living in the U.S./Mexico borderlands.

Naomi’s book, Sustaining Spirit: Self Care for Social Justice invites readers to delve into what self-care means in their lives by exploring the relationships between body, mind, spirit, heart, and place to integrate self-care to survive and thrive. Caring about the world should not burn us out. Sustaining Spirit: Self-Care for Social Justice shows us how to balance activism with self-care. “Every page of this spiritual book is a gift, full of poignant stories, poetic metaphors, insightful questions, and practical suggestions to sustain ourselves as activists over the long-term.” – Lisa Hoffman, International Human Rights activist. To find out more about Naomi, you can visit:, follow her on Twitter @ThinkFreestyle and on Instagram @NaomiOrtizWriterArtist
To find out more about and order the anthology edited by Alice Wong, please visit”: 

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