Witnessing is Grief Work

 Witnessing is grief work. Card Perched on a candle.




Witnessing is grief work.
Witnessing is more than observing, more than watching. I am not unaffected by what I witness – I am not disconnected from the land, community, and world.

 Witnessing is prayer work. Card Perched next to painting of woman of color holding a flower meditating.

Witnessing is prayer work.
Am I sending fear? More trauma energy? Guilt? Sadness?
I gently remind myself that it’s completely fine to feel these emotions, but am I wanting to place them somewhere else? How am I purposefully attending to what I feel?

 Witnessing is altar work. Card Perched in front of metal candle holder on altar.

Witnessing is altar work.
My altar is my space. It is my visual representation of this moment in life.
I clean up my altar, check if the rocks need cleansing or if I am too frazzled, I trust what is there.
Place tablespoons of precious water in a small bowl. I sit looking at the water and let my fear and sadness move there.
I light candles and give permission for the transformation of my messy fear/sadness/hopelessness/caring/anger.
I practice trusting the rocks to brace my anger/disgust/terror. This is an appropriate place to work with what I feel.

Witnessing is clarity and love.
I think about what I hope for the land, animals, seeds, people in the situation.
That the people feel universal love and support.
That the fire burns out. That animals find refuge and don’t suffer. That the plants have roots which are protected, that the fire will miss some of the baby plants.
That the tolerance for city/county sanctioned murder will disintegrate. That we will listen the generations of people who have labored imperfectly towards crafting alternatives to the racist, ableist, capitalist world we live in, who had faith that times of transformation would come, and we would be ready for new ways of being community.
I pray for readiness and courage to try new ways.
That the crack to reimagine elder care will widen to shift everything. That the disability wisdom/community will take our place at the forefront, in partnership with others, who can imagine new ways for support and care to happen.

 Witnessing is action. Card Perched in multicolored flowers.

Witnessing is action.
How am I supporting what is being asked for? What am I collectively asking for within my own communities?
What do I feel called to do from my intuition, from the universe? How am I continuing to witness, listen?

How am I doing this work at my kitchen table, with those I love?

Witnessing is deep heart/spirit work.
Witnessing is grief work.

 Witnessing is grief work. Card Perched on top of blue fabric with colored flowers.