Your Truth – Where Self-Care Starts

Self-care doesn’t start with “doing.” Taking care of you doesn’t start with routines, activities, goals. Self-care starts with the truth, being in your truth. As a Disabled Mestiza raised in Latinx culture, my childhood was mostly about medical professionals using the idea of “fitting in” and having friends as a way to motivate me to do what they […]

Finding Nourishment in an Overwhelming Time

This morning I am out in the desert sitting among the prickly pear cacti and saguaros. I am here to contemplate divining new life/work paths, to give my heart a break from the flood of pain on social media/real-life and for much-needed nourishment. This is an overwhelming time. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed both by the […]

What the Ancestors Want Us To See

“What the Ancestors Want Us To See” If we could remember from before _________our first baby breath or _________our first love-seeking scream We could remember all the ways love Permeates the atmosphere ______________________________Flooding through the silence ____________________A gift in every second “Time – what a funny concept” The ancestors whisper So much effort and energy […]

Friendship and Navigating the “De/Fence”

Defense: Resistance to something perceived as a threat. Fence: Tall, vertical surface. Person-made to keep something in or out.   In friendship, I’ve hit the De/Fence more times than I can count. The De/Fence hides in the landscape of friendship, like a camouflage wall sticking out of the desert sand, blending in until I smack into […]