Facing the Canyon of Creation

Driving up from the desert floor into the forests of Arizona has the excitement of driving through Salt River Canyon. When I was a kid, we had an older, small two-door car which was a stick shift whose name was “Puff.” Driving “Puff” through the Canyon was always precarious. The road through the Canyon has switchbacks and a constant […]

Our Words Are Our Prayers

Sacred land that had previously been protected was “swapped” by Arizona State Senators earlier this year. The land including and around Oak Flat campground, part of the Tonto National Forest, was given to Resolution Copper (an Australian and British mining company) by Arizona State Senators who covertly attached the resolution as a rider to the […]

Poem: Disability is the embodiment of living multiple truths at once

Part of self-care is examining the gifts we receive in the experience of who we are. Even with parts that we may not have to choice claim, that are thrust upon us, we learn these gifts as we go. Have you ever written a letter to a part of yourself that you’re not sure you […]


Thanks to Katie O’Rourke, a brilliant Fiction writer working on her third book, for inviting me to participate in the “My Writing Process Blog Tour”. Read Katie’s response to the tour and discover more about her books featuring complex characters navigating life at: katieorourke.blogspot.com   Writing to me is an ever-evolving practice. To be honest, I often […]

Relationships are hard. Hard in a good way.  If we are in relationships that are authentic, beautiful, supportive and honest then we are also in relationships that are messy, difficult and hard work. We really cannot have one without the other. It’s a hard question to decide when a relationship is worth the investment. If we […]

Why I Say, “I Am Disabled” [A Response to People-First Language]

Dear Organizers Forum, At the end of the call, I believe it was Josue who was saying that we need to be the ones to speak up and educate others about intersectionality. Yet, it’s not that easy. I can’t count the times I have been in a room with Disability activists and people are moving […]