Self-Care In The Time Of Instant Information

First Published on Medium. As my friend made her way to my door, she brushed past a harmless looking fleshy green nopales cactus (which I’d always chalked up as a mystery variety). Later when we sat talking, she sharply lifted her hand from her thigh shooting me a confused look. As she held her palm […]

Transforming Lies Into Resistance

Part 2 in the “Self-Care in the Time of Liars” Series Listen to this post on SoundCloud When the cochineal scale insect (Dactylopius coccus) invades, it looks like harmless white fluff, but really, it’s mission is to sink its mouthparts into a juicy nopal cactus pad and slowly suck out the life from the inside until it […]

Cultivating Community – Review of “What Matters: Reflections on Disability, Community and Love” a New Book by Janice Fialka

The Book Review below was first published on   Community connections can happen in any place, at any time. Recently I was on a strategy conference call and I mentioned the work I do around Disability justice. A young parent messaged me after the call wanting to know how he could best support his six-year-old disabled […]

Letters From Elders to Us All: Steve Brown

Survive—and Thrive by Steven E. Brown © 2017, Institute on Disability Culture, All Rights Reserved Many years ago–actually decades ago now–a friend gifted me a button with the saying “Gentleness is Strength.” I didn’t understand. She explained I was gentle, but there was an underlying determination (most of my life I’ve labeled it perseverance) that […]

Invitation for Letters From Elders

On November 10th 2016, the day after the election I sent out the following letter to people who I would identify as elders. Those people with wisdom, who have thoughtfully maintained connection and dedication to, as Grace Lee Boggs says, “growing our souls.” I have met these people through my activism and through interviews I conducted for […]

Overcommitted and Overwhelmed? The Self-Care Choice: Nourishment Over Obligation

“Ok, wait, give me the dates?” I asked my partner through the phone line as we talked on his work break. He lists out several meeting dates and we discuss a conflict of overlapping meetings. I asked how he was going to choose which meeting to attend and he began listing out other people’s priorities […]