Friendship and Navigating the “De/Fence”

Defense: Resistance to something perceived as a threat. Fence: Tall, vertical surface. Person-made to keep something in or out.   In friendship, I’ve hit the De/Fence more times than I can count. The De/Fence hides in the landscape of friendship, like a camouflage wall sticking out of the desert sand, blending in until I smack into […]

Facing the Canyon of Creation

Driving up from the desert floor into the forests of Arizona has the excitement of driving through Salt River Canyon. When I was a kid, we had an older, small two-door car which was a stick shift whose name was “Puff.” Driving “Puff” through the Canyon was always precarious. The road through the Canyon has switchbacks and a constant […]

Our Words Are Our Prayers

Sacred land that had previously been protected was “swapped” by Arizona State Senators earlier this year. The land including and around Oak Flat campground, part of the Tonto National Forest, was given to Resolution Copper (an Australian and British mining company) by Arizona State Senators who covertly attached the resolution as a rider to the […]