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Self-Care in the Time of COVID
Co-sponsered by Detroit Disability Power and Allies for Change
Facilitated by Owólabi Copeland

DIS2018: Naomi Ortiz, “Mending Spirits: Disabled Mestiza Self-Care”


“I am a Pre-Existing Condition: Healthcare, Mental Health, and Self-Care”

Watch Naomi Ortiz at Coalición Nacional para Latinxs con Discapacidades
Naomi Ortiz starts: minute 17:46 

“I am a Pre-Existing Condition: Healthcare, Mental Health, and Self-Care” at Coalición Nacional para Latinxs con Discapacidades


Bay Area KPFA radio show Pushing Limits
Can we practice self-care and still seek social justice? In December, Adrienne Lauby invited me on the KPFA radio show, Pushing Limits, to discuss self-care. We chatted about living in times of political crisis, alternatives to self-sacrifice. Discussing what self-care is, and small doable ways to bring self-care into our lives.

30 Minutes KXCI Radio Podcast: Nurturing the Diverse Soul
This week we are proud to continue with a session from the 2019 Tucson Festival of Books curated by Pima County Public Library’s Nuestras Raices program. Local authors and activists Naomi Ortiz and Michelle Tellez discuss how staying rooted in your culture helps women of color thrive and build resilience in activism, self-care, and motherhood. This is part 2 of a 2 part series.

Arizona People’s Report Podcast
Podcast Episode 7: Naomi Ortiz
YWCA Podcast By Mari Herreras w/ Naomi Ortiz
What Is This Episode About?
Naomi Ortiz discusses self-care for activists.

The place for our wounding is the dirt under our feet: Disability justice, embodied activism and taking care of each other
BeSpoken Bones Podcast, hosted by Pavini Moray
December 6th, 2018
Podcast available on ITunes, Spotify, GooglePlay and other podcast listening platforms.

Crip wisdom, Gender and Self-Care for Social Justice
Gender Stories Podcast, hosted by Alex Iantaffi
Nov. 4, 2018
Podcast available on ITunes, Spotify, GooglePlay and other podcast listening platforms.

Care Giving: Naomi Ortiz & The East Bay Center for the Blind
Naomi Ortiz talks with Adrienne Lauby about how caring for others affects people with disabilities.  What kinds of questions arise as we offer help?  What trade offs do we make?   Then, we visit the East Bay Center for the Blind in Berkeley to talk to those who enjoy, staff and manage this grassroots community center.

Fashion, Spirituality, and Disability
Two disabled, Latina/mixed friends have a conversation about living on the US/Mexico border, family, fashion, spirituality and disability rights.

Transforming Lies Into Resistance
Part 2 in the “Self-Care in the Time of Liars” Series


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To Dance With Our DNA
Geez Magazine, Spring 2021 issue

Why I No Longer Provide Free Disability Access Advice
Rooted in Rights

Discussing Resistance and Hope: Mini-Interviews with Cyree Jarelle Johnson & Naomi Ortiz
VIDA, Women in Literary Arts

Interviewed by Sandy Ho

Writing For Activists Who Don’t Fit In
Blog for Reclamation Press on writing the book, Sustaining Spirit: Self-Care for Social Justice

Transforming Lies Into Resistance
Part 2 in the “Self-Care in the Time of Liars” Series

Surviving in the Liars’ Sandstorm
Part 1 in the “Self-Care in the Time of Liars” Series

We Exist In Darkness (Living at the Intersections)
Intersectionality is described as the location where all of our multiple identities intersect. However, my identities are not straight lines, which only intersect in one place. For me, intersectionality is more like living in multiple worlds at once. Intersectionality is like a woven basket. Pieces of me are woven together holding my experiences in the world, my soul. This basket holds the essence of me, but is something that others cannot see. How can someone understand the intricacies of being a Mestiza, Disabled, poor, woman, mystic shape-shifter, who was born and has lived in the borderlands? I, who exist inside this woven basket, am always on the continuing journey to understand each piece and what it means when they are fit together….

Disability, Disability Justice & Shared Values with Prevention
Volume 1, Issue 3: This issue of the Catalyst Connections provides insights and recommendations for advancing domestic and sexual violence prevention efforts through disability justices from the peer learning discussion hosted by TC-TAT via teleconference in December 2011. Peer learning participants included: Naomi Ortiz, Freelance Consultant specializing in disability justice; Marsha Saxton, World Institute on Disability; Sarah Triano, Silicon Valley Independent Living Center.