Where are you centered or rooted?

I invite you to explore self-care, belonging
and the cultivation of hope.

Sustaining Spirit: Self-Care for Social Justice

What people are saying…

“It’s a Workbook to use in practicing living well daily…her questions are journal prompts AND therapy [for] the soul.” Director, Erin Blanding, Global Program Innovation, WE we.org and Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, Borderlands Restoration Leadership Institute 

 “…a must-read for those of us doing this work, and a critical reminder that we must care for ourselves too so we can be there for the long term.” -Adela Nieves, Traditional Health Practitioner, Taino (Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean)

“Ortiz provides practical steps on how to engage in self-care every day…how to hold space for ourselves, our communities, and for the people no longer with us, and how to survive in a world of pain, conflict, and uncertainty.” -Alice Wong, Founder, Disability Visibility Project™