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Naomi Ortiz is a writer, poet, facilitator and visual artist whose work focuses on self-care for activists, disability justice and living in multiple worlds (intersectionality). She is a highly acclaimed speaker and facilitator, conducting workshops exploring self-care tools and strategies for diverse communities. Her book, Sustaining Spirit: Self-Care for Social Justice invites readers to balance activism with self-care by guiding readers to sink into metaphor and examine their relationship to self, community and place. 

Naomi has conducted workshops and training with communities engaged in movement work including disability justice activists, people who are incarcerated and youth organizers. She is grounded in social justice work through her tenure as Director of National Kids As Self Advocates project and Southern Arizona Director of Help Increase the Peace and the Alternatives to Violence Projects. Naomi’s work focuses on self-care for activists, disability justice, community anti-violence work, US/Mexico border work and intersectional organizing within movements.

Naomi sits behind a microphone, her arm is raised as she is talking. She is using her mobility scooter.

Naomi’s essays can be found in the anthology Resistance and Hope and on websites such as Rooted in Rights and the Feminist Wire. She is a Zoeglossia Poetry Fellow and her poems have been published in We Are Not Your Metaphor: A Disability Poetry Anthology, on Poems and Numbers, VIDA and performed at events such as the Disability Pride Parade.

Her work has been described as, “cracking apart common beliefs to spill out beauty.” Naomi is a Disabled, Mestiza (Indigenous/ Latina/ White) who was raised in Latinx culture and lives with her partner in the U.S./Mexico borderlands.

Twitter: @ThinkFreestyle
Instagram: NaomiOrtizWriterArtist

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